Having an excellent Safety Culture is highly valued at Linepower.

We know that without buy in from our team our systems and safety are severely compromised.

We believe our Safety Culture is achieved through:

Effective Communications




Providing Resources



Focusing on family and enjoyment

Quality, Safety and the Environment are some of the Core Values of the team at Linepower.

Certified to ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management , Linepower has a structured approach to Quality, Safety and Environmental aspects, championed by our Management team and driven through the business. 

Operational excellence and compliance are paramount to ensuring the safety of our team, independent contractors and the public whilst delivering exceptional service and meeting customers expectations.


Our commitment to operational excellence and continual improvement is driven by our desire to exceed our customer expectations.

Linepower team members are dedicated to their work and apply their high level of technical expertise and training to craft a superior range of products and services that achieve complete customer satisfaction.

To support these commitments, Linepower has chosen to align its Integrated Management Systems to conform with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Health & Safety

Our commitment to Health & Safety at Linepower is based on the fundamental right for our staff to be safe in our workplace and our commitment to zero harm.

Linepower has chosen to align systems to the International Standard ISO 45001:2015 for Health & Safety Management System.

Our Health & Safety System is integral to our business, and it is company policy to make every reasonably practicable effort in areas of accident prevention, injury protection and promotion of the health, safety and welfare of all workers.  Linepower strives to eliminate or minimise all incidents or risk that could result in personal injury or damage to property.  To do this, Linepower has implemented a structured Health and Safety Programme which is continually assessed so that it evolves with experience and the company.

Environmental Policy

Environmental protection from construction operations is a huge focus for Linepower.  Our Environmental Systems are Certified to ISO 14001:2015.

Linepower aligns itself with PowerCo’s Environmental Non-Negotiables Policy and this is reinforced throughout the company.

All efforts are made to identify and minimise potential environmental harm including the preparation of Site Specific Environmental Plans, purchase of Specialist Equipment and awareness training of staff.

This is continued in our office operations where we proactively recycle and actively reduce waste to landfill.  We  encourage and promote environmental awareness not just at work but also at home and in the community.


ISNetworld | Global Leader in Contractor Management Services

ISNetworld is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that help manage risk and strengthen relationships. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes.

Our participation in ISNetworld provides assurance to our hiring clients of our commitment to Quality, Safety and Environmental practises and allows them to evaluate us based upon their specific criteria.

We are proud to be classed as a PowerCo Preferred Supplier.