Specialist Equipment

Yanmar C30R Tracked Dumper 

This multi-purpose, specialised equipment makes the largest of jobs seem easy.

Operations are taking us into more difficult terrain.  the safety and environmental aspects of jobs were being compromised.   The Yanmar C30R Tracked Dumper provided us with a solution.  With rubber tracks, 180 degree turning ability and its light weight it can be used on hilly, muddy terrain with minimal turning requirements.  This reduces extensive damage to the environment, reduces physical impacts to our workers and makes the job safer.

It was quickly identified that the dumper can be removed and other specialty attachments could be designed to fit the Yanmar.  A local engineering company assisted in the design and build of the Wire Recovery Winder and Pole Carrier attachments.

Follow this link for specifications https://www.yanmar.com/global/construction/products/carrier/c30r/spec.html